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Tai sao dung EZCheckedIn, the Google & Yelp Review Booster?


According to one of the latest studies, up to 70% of customers checked online reviews in their buying decision. The problem is...is your business got enough reviews and if so...are they good or bad?

The answer is in this app called EZCHECKEDIN.  In a couple of minutes, you can install this app to your Android or Apple phone, Ipad, laptop, or desktop.

EZCHECKEDIN will help you get your customer view.  Are you happy with our service?  That's simple.

If happy, EZCHECKEDIN will help you send an instant message to ask for a Google or Yelp review.  This is how you increase your reviews and since they are happy with your service, you sure know that they will give you a positive review.

If not happy, then this is a great opportunity for you to know why and finding ways to get them back.  EZCHECKEDIN will also help you do that.

But there more! EZCHECKEDIN will you easily manage and get in touch with your customers with just a few clicks.  Would you like to know who hasn't come back to your shop for a while?  Would you like to send an instant message to say happy birthday to your customers?  EZCHECKED will do that for you too.

We save the best for last.  The app and its services are currently free.

So is how you download the app, go to your app store and searched in EZCHECKEDIN or go to EZCHECKEDIN.COM

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